Assembly of Building Kits

Due to their well thought-out and simple nature our kits can be easily assembled. If you are skillful in building and constructing yourself, than you could be able to assemble our kits yourself. However you could also opt to have the assembly done by a local firm. If you wish so, we could also put you in contact with Dutch assembly companies which can perform the assembly for you or assist you with the assembly on site.


ConstructionKits are to be placed on a concrete foundation. This foundation consists of reinforced concrete blocks, which are poured on site to attain good anchorage to the ground. The dimensions and reinforcement vary depending on the soil conditions and size of the building.

For your concrete foundation you will receive complete drawings including an anchor plan as well as the actual anchors.

Steel structure and purlins

The key part of the assembly of building kits from ConstructionKit is the assembly of the steel structure. In combination with the the steel rafters, the purlins and wind bracings are to be placed. Wind load rods made of square tubes are also included in larger buildings.

Roofing and Wall cladding

After the steel structure, purlins and wind bracings are constructed, the roofing and wall cladding is to be placed. Depending on your kit type, these will consist of metal sheets or sandwich panels. We will provide you with mounting/cladding instructions.


The assembly of the various additions to your kit, such as windows, passing doors, sliding doors and rain gutters, is specific to your kit and the addition. We will provide you with specific instructions.