Kits Description

What is a ConstructionKit?

A ConstructionKit is a complete package of construction materials which can be built up to a steel building with a saddle roof.

Next to the actual prefabricated construction materials, our kits include:

  • Construction calculations
  • Complete drawings of the building
  • Foundation master plan and the steel anchors required
  • Telephone support for questions/uncertainties

What is not included in our kits? In our kit prices, we have not included:

Which kit is right for you?

To choose the right kit for your needs the appropriate type, dimensions and load need to be determined.


The basis of all our kits is a steel construction with galvanized purlins, together with metal or insulated roofing and optional wall cladding. We provide four types of kits, for more information see the page on kit types.


All our kits have a gable shaped roof, also called a saddle roof, because we believe its symmetrical shape is attractive, sheds rainwater and snow efficiently, allows for maximum space, is simple to design and inexpensive to build. With regards to dimensions, our kits come in a range of preset widths, lengths and wall heights:

  • Width: 8, 10 , 12, 15, 20, 25 meters
  • Length: 12 to 120 meters (in steps of 6 meters)
  • Wall height: 3, 4, 5 meters

Constructionkit illustration


Buildings in different locations need to be able to withstand different wind & snow loads. In general the heavier that these loads are, the stronger the construction needs to be. To be able to supply kits for most locations, we offer four load categories.

  • < 0 kg/m2 which could be assumed in dry countries at low altitude, for example west Africa
  • < 70 kg/m2 which could be assumed in countries at low altitude with some wind and snow, such as the Netherlands
  • < 110 kg/m2 which could be assumed in countries at low to intermediate altitude, such as southern Germany
  • < 170 kg/m2 which could be assumed in countries at intermediate altitude, wind and snow, such as certain parts of Canada

If you are unsure as to what load requirements need to be met at your location, we advise you to consult a local architect.