We provide all of our kits “ex-works”, which means that it is deliverd at our facilities in Gemert, the Netherlands. The transport of the kits is not included in our price caculation and as such is at the client’s expense and responsibility.

This however does not mean we do not assist you with transporation. We can help you select a transportation company that will take care of getting your kit to your desired location. Also, we will estimate the amount of trucks or containers required so you can estimate the total transporation costs.

Within Europe the normal means of transportation of our kits is by truck. We can put you in contact with transportation firms that we have good experiences with. Also, we will load your kit on the trailer(s).


Outside of Europe we can help you select a transporation company that takes care of everything that is connected to the transporation, including all the paper work. We have worked with multiple transpartion companies out of various countries, and will assist in making sure everything is correctly arranged. Outside of Europe the normal means of transporation is by container. We are able to load your kit into the container(s) and seal these for you.